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Spanish Chorizo Carbonara

Spanish Chorizo Carbonara I came home late one night from a party with an appetite for carbonara. However, I did not have any pancetta, guanciale or even bacon in my refrigerator. I did, however, have good Spanish chorizo. I thought this should work and it did…beautifully. Ingredients (serves 2-4): -Best quality Spanish chorizo (I like the Palacios brand available at Bi-Rite and most good markets) -Best quality spaghetti or other favorite pasta -2 farm eggs -Parmigiano Reggiano or Pecorino Romano -Black [...]
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This is a very green and super seasonal pasta. And it’s very easy to make. I love the balance of the heat with the ricotta salata and the sweetness of the freshly shelled English peas. This dish simply exudes summer despite not having any tomatoes. INGREDIENTS (serves 4-6 as a first course): -2 pounds English peas, shelled (I love the peas available from Iacopi Farms at the Saturday Ferry Plaza farmer’s market) -6 large bunches of mint, leaves removed -4 medium to large bunches of basil, leaves removed [...]
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